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The 1 to 5 cent coins, however, did not change, as the highlighting of the old members over the globe was so faint it was not considered worth the cost.

But new national coin designs were added in 2007 with the entry of Slovenia, in 2008 with Cyprus and Malta, in 2009 with Slovakia, in 2011 with Estonia, in 2014 with Latvia, and in 2015 with Lithuania.

All have to include twelve stars (in most cases in a circle around the edge), the engraver's initials, and the year of issue.

The then-fifteen members of the EU are lightly highlighted and the northern half of Africa and the western half of Asia (including the Middle East) are shown.

The coins are composed of copper-covered steel, with a diameter of 18.75 mm, a 1.67 mm thickness and a mass of 3.06 grams.

The edges are smooth with a continuous groove running round the coin. The coins have been used from 2002, though some are dated 1999 which is the year the euro was created as a currency, but not put into general circulation.

Belgium: The Belgian design was chosen by a panel of leading Belgian officials, artisans and experts in numismatics.

They chose an effigy of King Albert II designed by Jan Alfons Keustermans, Director of the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts of Turnhout.

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