18 year old dating tips

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His identity didn’t register for a moment, but his hurried, self-conscious gait appeared so shockingly familiar to me that I froze. And knowing how this person thinks, how would you say it?He was wearing grey, baggy cargo pants with ragged bottoms and a drab green t-shirt that was too big for him. If I only had time to drill him with a few important points, here’s what I’d try to get across to my younger self: 1) Spend your time and money on things that make your life better, rather than things that make you feel good. Not a lot of crisis, but regular ups and downs certainly.I never went into serious consumer debt, but I certainly squandered all my disposable income on various ways to feel good, none of which left anything useful in my life, or put me in a better position to take on the rest of it.

” “I don’t like meeting people I don’t know.” “Well you never know them when you just meet them. ” “I have friends.” “But there are so many people out there who can teach you things and open doors from you.” “Leave me alone, ok.” He appeared to grow impatient, and looked over at the door. “Be careful what you wish for.” These days I often describe myself as a “recovering introvert.” Comfort was the north on my personal compass, and talking to people I didn’t know was due south.If only my 29-year old self showed up after school one day, bought me a milkshake, and slapped some sense into me, I’d be light years farther down the road.At eighteen, young David doesn’t know what’s in store for him.Even in my mid-twenties, once I learned how to avoid the worst of the woes that a gratification-based existence could create, I still was primarily concerned with feeling good as often as possible.This meant senseless overeating, avoiding any truly strenuous form of exercise, excessive drinking, video games, buying stuff I don’t need, and otherwise indulging myself while staying well within my comfort zone.

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