College humor dating stories

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Written by Patrick Cassels, Emily Axford, Adam Conover, Mike Trapp and Brian Murphy (amongst others), these sketches are designed to be more viral in nature than the site's other comedy content.Sketches written by and starring the CH editorial staff, often filmed in their office.In addition, their videos are collected on the College Humor You Tube Channel, which currently has over 12 million subscribers, with over 27,765 new subscribers joining each week.One-off comedy sketches, cartoons and music videos written and produced by the in-house staff.

and many of their individual videos have been nominated for and/or won Webby Awards.In addition to stand-alone viral comedy shorts or "one-offs", which are usually shot on location and feature hired actors, CH Originals also produces a number of series—notably "Hardly Working", "Jake and Amir", and "Nerd Alert"—which are shot in the CH office and star the CH staff members themselves.College Humor's original videos average 20 million views per month on the site.In addition, the site hosts a large collection of user-submitted viral videos, encompassing home movies, bizarre sports highlights, sketches, and such.These videos are released one month prior to being posted on You Tube.

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