Dating a playa

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Women in the dating world tend to use the term “Player’ when referring to a man that lacks the ability or desire to make a commitment.

But he was very insidious and subtle at the beginning until he exposed himself. A disrespectful man who had a stomach to make a move on me (sexually) although he was aware of my relationship.

And that's the kind of personality I can't tolerate because it's nothing but obnoxious.

Even when he’s on his best behavior, you’ll have to contend with the fact that his reputation is “sticky” and will probably only be dispelled in his social circles when he has shown commitment to his new dating philosophy for quite some time, as represented by findings of a study by University of Missouri anthropologist Shane J.

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It will do them no good to continue to righteously use the term player to cover up anger and pain.But I’ve found that the term player is also used far too often by controlling women who want to “control” the dating process.For example, a male client complained that he’s been called a player on a number of occasions—an accusation that angers and frustrates him. “Sure, on occasion I’ve slept with a couple of women with whom I chose not to commit to. I’m looking for the right person and it’s going to take time.Some girls fall for guys who display such noxious characteristics as narcissism because such guys are able to effectively “sell themselves,” suggests clinical psychologist Vinita Mehta in the "Psychology Today" piece, “Why Do Women Fall for Bad Boys?” Ask yourself if sporadically being the recipient of his charm is worth the negative emotions you’re probably feeling, from anxiety to self-doubt.

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