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It's more relaxed; you go from 'hanging out' particularly if you meet through friends first, in a group, then start 'seeing each' other, then eventually have the discussion about longer term expectations of the relationship.Getting 'asked out on a date' is rare, even through work.I'd provisionally suggest that the rule of thumb is that once you've stopped numbering "dates", you're no longer going on dates (if you see what I mean). I have no idea how those terms relate in terms of experience to an American couple "dating". You meet someone through some mutual channel and start doing things in groups and then alone. and account for a significant fraction of relationships and even marriages. Seems to me (though I'm as likely as usual to have missed the point) that the difference isn't that we don't go out.I'm not even clear if two people "dating" in the US would necessarily consider themselves a couple. I don't know many men that just ask out females that they don't already know to a fancy dinner although you can in some contexts and some people do it. Of course we go out, and asking someone (possibly a random stranger) out for a coffee/meal/drink/movie would be considered "a date".Some dating practices are as relevant today as they were decades ago.In another thread the OP mentioned that "we don't date here," "here" being Australia. We don't tend to 'date' more than one person at a time, there is a quicker expectation that once you are girlfriend/boyfriend you will be exclusive without this having to be negotiated.

I'd be surprised at least if I found that I was seeing someone and they were seeing someone else on intervening evenings. It's actually quite unusual for Americans to date more than one person at a time, though. Third date is generally where monogamy is assumed, although it's still a little iffy, and "I didn't know we were exclusive! So it sounds, at least so far, as if the only real cultural difference is the use of the term "dating" to describe the behavior, which, actually, I hardly ever hear IRL.

Just because Internet dating, speed dating and text messaging are available to aid your dating needs does not mean that you have to use them.

They are not necessarily better methods than the more traditional means of dating and courtship.

"We're going out" (which doesn't mean we're leaving the premises tonight, it means we're regularly enjoying each others' company in a romantic, if not sexual, way) or "I'm seeing someone" (ditto) are far more common.

"I have a date" is still used, but it's used as much to describe a dinner and movie with your husband post-kids as it is a new paramour - it tells you nothing about the commitment level of the datees.

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