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In active listening we make eye contact, nod our heads and smile. Your listener should match your pace in the conversation - both in volume and in the pace.

As the conversation goes on and we are more interested, we seem to move closer to hear each other.

For adults, it's trying to tell right away if you have the qualities I am looking for in a life-long partner. Keep in mind there are the three facets of communication: body language, tone and words.

Body language is 55%, so we are reading someone's body to see if they are interested.

When they pair off, they are more likely to move faster in the physical intimacy - which doesn't support the emotional intimacy.

Not only that, but for adolescents, some of the challenges that come up have a lot to do with abuse in dating, date rape, and sexually transmitted diseases - all things around not having the understanding how to develop a trusting relationship. First there is that initial first meeting and how do you know someone is interested in you?

After that first interest shows up, what people don't often recognize is that the second one behind that is looking for sustained interest.Her services are available in person via the Denver area or coaching over the phone.She is also expanding her program in the fall of 2006 to a more global audience with Internet classes through a webcam or video downloads.If they are making specific plans, then there is a definite interest.And, if someone inquires about what you are interested in before deciding on dating, they are also showing they are trying to find out commonalities.

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