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But with the stakes being so high, Nick will go on an emotionally charged journey to visit these final four women's hometowns.Raven meets him in Hoxie, Arkansas, and cute couple have some great, sexy fun, but Raven's father reveals some serious news.Just as Nick gets ready to make the gut-wrenching decision to send one woman home, he gets a surprise visitor, who could change everything, on 'The Bachelor,' MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20 (- p.m. (Bill Matlock/ABC via Getty Images) RACHELTHE BACHELOR -'Episode 2105' - A vicious argument between Corinne and Taylor rages on just before the rose ceremony in Wisconsin.When the dust settles and the roses are all given out, two heartbroken women are sent home.There are those ladies who decide to give him a piece of their mind about the situation, but one bachelorette has some other outrageous plans for Nick.After the rose ceremony, three women are questioning why they were let go.

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Which woman is stranded in the swamp, and which gets the rose?The guests for Monday, May 22 included Jim Carrey ('I'm Dying Up Here'), Rachel Lindsay ('The Bachelorette') and musical guest Bush.(Randy Holmes via Getty Images) RACHEL LINDSAY, JIMMY KIMMELJIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' airs every weeknight at p.m.There were highs and lows during Nick's unforgettable season - and then there was Corinne, the most controversial bachelorette of the group.The very self-confident Corinne, who has been the woman viewers and the other bachelorettes have loved to hate, returns to have her chance to defend herself.

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