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That’s likely to lead to a database of viewing habits being held by companies or by the Government, which experts have warned could easily be hacked and exposed.But the provision banning any video that wouldn’t pass through the British film regulators’ tests could lead to even more videos becoming unavailable in the UK.“Age verification could lead to porn companies building databases of the UK’s porn habits, which could be vulnerable to Ashley Madison style hacks,” Mr Killock said.“The Government has repeatedly refused to ensure that there is a legal duty for age verification providers to protect the privacy of web users.” Experts have repeatedly warned that the only easy way of ensuring that everyone viewing adult websites is of age, would be to assign them unique IDs inside a database.

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While there are no strict guidelines as to what acts and images can’t be shown on commercial DVDs, adult film producers have found that they have had to cut almost all kinds of non-conventional videos from their films.

The Open Rights Group has warned that the plans could lead to porn companies being forced to create databases of what everyone has watched.

According to executive director Jim Killock, the government is not doing enough to protect that potential database while pressing ahead with the plans.

In that case, they would be able to do whatever they wanted with the data and protect it as they wished.

“There is also nothing to ensure a free and fair market for age verification.

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