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I decided to call this one finished when I met the following criteria: 1. Channel grip pliers Next thing to do was install a proper power supply for the Raspberry "Pi Capsule." (The Raspberry Pi by itself with networking requires at least 5v DC with a minimum of 700m A of current capability from your power supply.) I was fortunate to find a very nice 5 volt power supply with a 2 Amp current capability in our "Bin Wall" at the Tech Shop in San Jose, so my new power supply had plenty of power to spare for some LEDs and maybe an Arduino.

Do something more than just be an "Apple Time Capsule" 2. Provided a safe Raspberry Pi enclosure for AC (household electrical) or DC (mobile) operation. Created a "Green Design" by using recycled materials (the case, the power supply, the hard drive, and components are all from recycled components found at the Tech Shop.) I could have done a lot more with this project, but I have custom cases to make and this project allowed me to gain some experience in the design, prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly of a consumer electronics device for home or mobile use. By the way, the Time Capsule I used for this project was my customer's and had a failed power supply...

I tied two 100 ohm resistors (in series) to the Anode lead of the LED so I don't burn it up.

First, I tested my blue LED outside of the case to make sure my circuit worked.I took some measurements and created a file in Corel Draw to allow me to cut some clean looking pieces of clear acrylic to attach to the Time Capsule retrofit.The pieces are to dress up the holes i cut out, and to make a base plate for the Raspberry Pi and secure it.I try and make it a habit to only connect a powered USB hub and Wireless mouse directly to the Raspberry Pi.Everything else like the Wireless card, SSD, Keyboard should go through the powered USB hub.

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