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And the results of Workman's anything-goes approach on "The Delicious Wolves" are never less than surprising, virtuoso displays of his ability as a one-man band, producer, songwriter and singer. I guess I don't have the good-enough sense to not play a bossa nova". There are people who have heard of me, but it takes time when you don't have songs on hit radio, it takes a little more time.The ability to open oneself up to possibilities, to ignore the common sense that says jumping into an experimental jet plane or playing a bossa nova beat might be ill-advised -- but it still takes courage. We are really at the beginning, with one stop in Scotland and one stop in Wales. Q: Your bio is very colourful and unusual, suggesting among other things that as a child, you sailed through the air attached to a kite and received your musical education while working as a janitor at a tap-dance school.Take "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield or "I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend Too" by Reel Big Fish for example.

It is about that duty to yourself." Workman doesn't draw a direct line from his now-bested fear of flying to his work, but hearing "The Delicious Wolves," you can't help but be struck by his fearless determination to abandon caution and try just about anything -- no matter how stylistically disparate and unconventional the results. "I never think anything is corny if you do it with panache. "If I am going to give into a flavour of a certain style of music, I tend to like to try to give into it ...Some people like to play along, and some just don't.I have got a feeling that in some way, they think I had an underhanded motive in that.But I find it easier to gain momentum just doing things myself. I remember when I was in school, once, I was writing this test -- I used to do really well in school, until I stopped doing well. Which led me to believe that if I could be convincing enough to convince my way into it being okay ...Too, selfishly, I love playing those instruments so much, I would have a hard time giving it up. My live band I love so dearly, and I think they are so amazing. When I was doing well, I realized on this test, there was a question I didn't know the answer to, a long essay question. Oh, this is a stupid long answer to a short, good question!

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