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In Stanstead, 160 kilometres southeast of Montréal, the boundary is always butting in, getting in the way.But for long after the towns were founded in the late 1700s, the boundary line was meaningless.Now, anyone can be searched or taken aside for secondary questioning — or harassed by armed guys shouting at them out of choppers with bullhorns. They may just decide to cross the line elsewhere, whenever and wherever they damn well feel like it.I ask Mark Henry, a public affairs officer for the U. Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector, for the official view.Payment will also be accepted by bank transfer or cheque.

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I’m in Stanstead, Que., which, together with Derby Line, Vermont, forms one town divided by the Canada–U. My friend Steve Baker lives just outside Stanstead and is showing me around.Special deals can be arranged for groups, including discounts and arrangements for adjacent and inter connecting rooms if required. The best way to book a group deal is to complete the online form for group reservations at Holiday Inn Express London Stansted Airport .The trail behind Gordie Douglas’s metalworking shop winds up the hill to an old tractor, and then it peters out.Roads crossed it with their own commonsensical logic.Houses were built right on top of the boundary — a family might cook dinner in the United States and eat it in Canada.

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