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I felt really disturbed and upset, because the general view of Syrians is that we are cheap.” Governments worldwide have promised financial support to overwhelmed host countries like Lebanon, but it just isn’t enough: In 2015, the UN only received 57% of the funds needed to support refugees in Lebanon.

Many of the women we met either had their monthly UN food support payment stopped, or substantially reduced to just US.60 per person.

Refugees who can’t afford the US0 needed to renew their permits now live in constant fear of being arrested and detained or deported back to Syria. “[Without a valid permit] I am afraid to go out, and I’m afraid to cross checkpoints.

I have to go to Beirut for hospital appointments for my daughter every 15 days. A Lebanese man told me he would help me [get] official documents, but in exchange he wanted to spend the night with me.

NORTH HAVERHILL — A 56-year-old Piermont man was arraigned Friday for trying to meet with a 15-year-old girl in order to have sex with her, Lebanon police said.

Mark Hewes faces two counts of attempted felonious sexual assault and one count of using his computer for prohibited activity.

’” Lebanon now hosts more refugees per capita than any other country in the world.

Most have fled the intense conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Child slavery, prostitution and ‘survival sex’ is raging among Syrian refugees in Lebanon due to a UN funding crisis, a recent study reveals.They also live in fear of landlords suddenly increasing their rent or kicking entire families out with no notice.“Landlords will kick you out of the house if you are one or two days late with the rent. My 16-year-old daughter is very tall and looks older.Pictured: Adults and children work on a farm in Akkar near the Syrian border In the London Conference, back in February of this year, western donors agreed on a new initiative to create jobs and provide education to create a future model for humanitarian relief for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.Yet today, on the International Day of Child Labour, 300,000 Syrian children in Lebanon are still out of school, with the majority of them working as child slaves for about 30p an hour in unbearable conditions.

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