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“That gave us the ability to do big musical numbers, which of course I loved doing.” One collision of these sensibilities has resulted in full renditions of such musical numbers as “Shipoopi” from “The Music Man” performed in animated form by the character Peter Griffin after he has scored a touchdown.Mac Farlane says the charts for that piece were difficult to track down.But even as Loeb is not onstage, his impact is felt.“Dave is so great, he really is,” Mac Farlane says. He has the same appreciation for this type of music as I do.” Mac Farlane declined to give away any of this weekend’s run order but says of the 75-minute production: “It really is supposed to be covering all colors. “It’s a show that’s been percolating in my head for a long time,” Mac Farlane told EW’s Jessica Shaw, explaining that the success of films like the show, and she’s fantastic.” He did share how he got her to agree to join, however: It only took a simple phone call. She astonishingly said, ‘Yes, I’ll come do your little TV show,'” Mac Farlane joked.You try to cross this bridge with Seth Mac Farlane, linking his affection for the crude/brilliant humor in “Family Guy” — where the highbrow canine Brian will talk of his in-progress novel and suddenly scratch at his fleas with his hind leg — and love of big-band standards. It was planted in my brain.” The man with the resonant baritone voice who was once dubbed “the creepy imitator” in a story by the New Yorker is hitting the Strip this weekend not as an imitator, but in a genuine orchestral tribute to some of his favorite music dating back more than a half-century. Friday and Saturday at Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas, Mac Farlane is fronting the orchestra from “Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers,” 55 members strong (tickets start at , absent fees, and can be purchased at Wynn Las and (702) 770-9966).“I have always been interested in the music of the ’40s, starting there, and it seems a lost art form in many ways,” Mac Farlane says.

In his live shows, Mac Farlane does comfortably evoke the attitude of many of the superstar singers who made the city famous.

The musicians the program has produced populate bands and orchestras across Las Vegas, including the “Showstoppers” lineup performing with Mac Farlane.

Loeb is contracting the musicians for the weekend shows at Encore Theater and will not be playing or conducting.

“This will be the kind of Vegas show that no one has seen in 50 years. from Connecticut not really having been on the freeway before.

That’s what really is at the core of this, and it really took Steve Wynn, who knows the music, to bring it to the stage in Vegas.” Mac Farlane recalls being in “culture shock” when first visiting here. It was intimidating, but I do remember classic Vegas.

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