Teachers dating uk

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William Bull, USA Such relationships are certainly unethical, but the government has no right to interfere with what goes on between consenting adults.People have a moral and social obligation to stay out of relationships that are detrimental to themselves and others, but beyond that, teachers and students should be free to have any kind of relationship they want.But the proposals have angered the teaching profession which argues that a change in the law would be unnecessary, dangerous and risks labelling teachers as criminals.

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One school leaver in 20 claims to have had a sexual relationship with one of their teachers and 50% of pupils fantasise about their teachers, according to a recent survey.

To bring new legislation into this field is to bring the state into the bedroom - a part of life which is no business of the government what so ever.

Kaye E, UK Sexual relations between pupil and teacher is a total breach of professional ethics.

Prison seems a little over the top, but certainly something needs to be put in place to protect our children. Rebecca White, UK Why is the first reaction to anything, 'It should be banned'?

Do we have no faith in individual responsibility and good sense?

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