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She is, however, able to project her longings into the uncomprehending world; the strategy she uses, and the result it brings, is a scene of such inevitability and perfection that we laugh at least partly out of admiration.Miranda July is a performance artist; this is her first feature film (it won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance, and at Cannes won the Camera d'Or as best first film, and the Critics' Week grand prize).I had the pleasure of being part of a KBF 2016 event on Monday, as I joined novelist Melanie Schwapp, poet and entertainment journalist Mel Cooke and writer/publisher Tanya Batson-Savage in a lively chat with some very bright and engaging grade eight students at Dunoon Park Technical High School in Kingston and it was a blast!There's a fresh and innovative KBF event on today as well, called 'Literary Lunch' put on by Susumba's Book Bag.His 7-year-old is named Robby, and is played by Brandon Ratcliff, who read my review from Sundance and wrote me a polite and helpful letter in which he assured me he's as smart as an 11-year-old.In the movie, he visits an online sex chat room even though he knows nothing about sex.There is also an art curator (Tracy Wright) who has a strange way of evaluating art, as if she's afraid it may violate rules she's afraid she doesn't know.She has a sexual hunger that proves particularly hard to deal with.

They are intensely interested in oral sex, but unsure about its theory and technique. I know this sounds perverse and explicit, and yet the fact is, these scenes play with an innocence and tact that is beyond all explaining.

They expertly engage the exhilarating edge of 'naughty' with entertaining stuff that will make you laugh, think and talk.

And, well, if you do anything else, don't attribute that to the show. In fact, I'm not really sure, but I think I kinda hear that there is a 'students-only' two-for-one special for tertiary students with ID at the show on Friday. Look here nuh, don't tell dem say mi tell yuh this, but even if it never really go so, if yuh call call the ticket line at 542-4160 and tell dem dat is Blakka spreading the rumour, dem will have to sell yuh di ticket! Another great thing to check out this week is the annual Kingston Book Festival (KBF) - a full week of events for readers, writers, publishers, distributors, buyers, sellers of all things 'bookish' - whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry or play writing.

He knows enough about computers to sound like he does, however, by cutting and pasting words, and using open-ended questions.

Asked what turns him on, he writes "poop," not because it does, but possibly because it is the only word he can spell that he thinks has something to do with the subject.

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